Capital Medical University, Beijing Tongren Hospital

NO 1, Dong Jiao Min Xiang, Eastern District in Beijing
100730 Beijing
PR China

Phone: +86 10 58268373


Center Description

Beijing Tongren Hospital (Tongren Hospital), an affiliate of Capital Medical University, was founded in 1886. It is a comprehensive Class-III Grade-A hospital with three key, featured departments: Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery as well as a Cardiovascular department. The hospital has a total size of 190,000 square meters and is composed of three sections, namely the eastern section, the western section and the southern section. Currently, the hospital employs 3,250 people including 378 individuals with senior titles. It offers patients 1,600 beds. Over 1,600,000 emergency cases and outpatients as well as over 40,000 inpatients are treated each year. More than 80,000 cases of surgery are done annually.

Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology of the hospital are key disciplines and are qualified by State Ministry of Education. The hospital is also a base for the college of Ophthalmology and the college of Otolaryngology education of Capital Medical University. The hospital also works with the Beijing Institute of Ophthalmology (WHO Collaborating Center for the Prevention of Blindness) and the Beijing Institute of Otolaryngology (WHO Collaborating Center for the Prevention of Deafness) as well as the affiliated center Beijing Tongren Eye Bank (International Eye Bank Association). It also has the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education “Otolaryngology Head and Neck Sciences”, Beijing Municipal Key Laboratory “Ophthalmology and Visual Science”, Beijing Municipal Otolaryngology Research Center and Beijing Municipal Diabetes Prevention and Control Office.

The hospital is well-equipped and is famous for its advanced medical techniques. The treatment of diseases in ophthalmology such as ocular fundus diseases, eye injury, glaucoma, keratoplasty, laser diagnosis, cataract laser emulsification and phaco emulsification technology, and the treatment for diseases in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery including image-guiding in nasal endoscopic surgery, cochlear implantation, the early intervention and late saving treatment of head & neck tumor, the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome as well as the percutaneous coronary intervention, surgical treatment of coronary heart disease and congenital heart diseases have reached the leading position in the nation. Some areas even have achieved the advanced international level. The hospital is also well-known in comprehensive prevention and treatment for diabetes, ankle surgery, comprehensive treatment of craniofacial trauma, cancer gene therapy etc.

As the Fourth Clinical Medical College of Capital Medical University, the hospital assumes important teaching tasks. Currently, the hospital has 11 Doctoral Programs, 27 Master Degree Programs as well as 100 Master Student Supervisors including 27 Doctorial Student Supervisors. Since the reform and it’s opening, the hospital has won 239 scientific and technical achievement awards including 8 state-level awards. It has also achieved 72 grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Tongren Hospital has formed its own spirit by focusing on “excellence, loyalty, diligence and harmony” through a century of development. In the new historical period, Tongren’s staff will inherit and carry forward the good tradition of Tongren by continuing to seriously study and implement the scientific outlook on development to determine a proper route for building an academic hospital. The staff will endeavor to promote the mainstream culture, strengthen the whole process of quality management and improve skills with the content-based principle of “solidarity, innovation and development” The hospital and its staff will strive to provide the people with high-quality, and convenient medical services.